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Padel is a racket sport that is always played in doubles on an enclosed court. It is much like a cross between tennis and squash where the ball can bounce off the glass wall or metallic mesh that surrounds the court. A padel game is usually played outdoors. Padel was invented in Mexico in 1969 by Enrique Corcuera when he modified his squash court to welcome elements of platform tennis. In the 1970s, a Spanish friend of Corcuera brought the padel sport to Spain where it is now considered one of the most popular sports in the country. Other countries where padel sport is a hit include Mexico, Argentina, the UK, and the USA.


     Padel is often referred to as a combination of tennis and squash.              The padel court size is a quarter smaller than a tennis court.

Courts are rectangular shaped and measure 10 meters wide and 20 meters long. The walls were made of concrete but most recently glass and metal mesh sections link the side walls and create the entrances on each side.

Floorings are typically artificial turf however cement, concrete and wood were previously common. The net height is 33cm and divides the court into two playing ends. The service area is positioned 3 meters from the back wall.

 Court surrounds are a combination of glass side and back walls and metal mesh sections that link the side walls, players enter on each side. Although indoor courts are necessary locations in extreme climates, the fresh air outdoor experience is usually preferred.


1. A Service starts each point

  • The right to serve first is typically decided by one side predicting the outcome of the toss of a coin OR which side faces up from spinning a racket.
  • A service commences each point by dropping the ball behind the service line and hitting below the waist level diagonally into the service box over the net.
  • Points are won by the ball bouncing more than once on the opponent’s side or the ball landing out of the hitting area on the 1st bounce or not crossing past the net.

2. Scoring in matches 

Scoring in padel is same as tennis: 15, 30, 40, game while 40-40 is a deuce that can be completed by winning next 2 points OR playing 1 point called a “golden point”.

Padel is the fastest growing racket sports and referred to as “the new social”

This social aspect is the main reason that Padel is so popular. Padel is social for many reasons. It is mainly played as doubles which encourages larger groups of people to play together, enjoy the game, and create and grow lifelong friendships.

Padel is addictive because it’s easy and fun to play. Mixed levels of competencies can play together and enjoy the interaction, unlike other racket sports that demand similar levels to remain challenging for all participating.  Padel has created a reputation as being easier to grasp than traditional tennis and typically the rallies are longer and more varied than badminton due the the walls coming into play.

MBP SPORTS Singapore’s Location / Directions

The MBP SPORTS’ Racket Sports Area is located on the level four rooftop of the Marina Square Shopping Complex.  It is adjacent to the Suntec Convention Centre and the Marina Bay development area.  Our courts span across the 4 lane roadway of Raffles Boulevard (running directly beneath).

Direct and exclusive Level 4 access exists from Marina Square Mall, Park Royal Collections, Mandarin Oriental , Pan Pacific Hotels, Ritz Carlton, Conrad and Marriot Bonvoy Hotels. Marina Bay Sands and Fullerton and Fullerton Bay Hotels are also 5- 10 minute walk to us.

For those not residingor using the Marina Square Hotel facilities, access is also very easy and direct via the Marina Square Shopping Mall using escalators at Carl Juniors at ground level, pass the information counter at Level 2, Co Working Spaces at Level 3, we are located at level 4.

Traveling to us and parking is also NOT A PROBLEM as we can be easily accessed by:

Bus (Marina Square stop or Esplanade stop),  MRT(City Hall or Esplanade station), by Taxi Pickup/Drop off to the drop off at Carl Juniors or by private vehicle.  Marina Square has a 2000-capacity underground car park directly below our courts.

(Note: Free parking may be available if purchases are made within the Mall during your visit to us!)  

Give us a call at +65 9644 7739 or email for more information.

Padel @ MBP SPORTS Marina Square Rooftop

Opening Hours: 7am to 10pm, daily

Padel Tennis has finally arrived in Singapore via our site AND it is rapidly growing in popularity.  This global phenomenon is now part of MBPSPORTS tennis operations and they are the first and only tennis and padel club in Singapore. Come and join the movement now.

MBPSPORTS provides coaching classes for every level. 

MBP SPORTS Marina Square rooftop site at a glance


MBPsports origins are in traditional tennis. The blending of Australian sports background, project management and a passion to improve sports education. We have successfully created a creditable brand delivering best of breed coaching and site experience for tennis players of all levels.

Our patent pending fundamental teaching methodology of “KFTE” has positioned us as global market leaders in teaching racket sports.


We offer 3 Padel courts with unique 360 panoramic views over the Singapore CBD from our central rooftop location.

Padel is new to Singapore and referred to as the “New Social” in Europe. After a restrictive Covid 19 period, Padel has hit the ground running and we offer options 7 am-10 pm, 7 days a week. We offer onsite rentals +  coaching.  Reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment.


We are all about total inclusion and continually listen to our market. After an increasing request to accommodate a central site for pickleball players – we installed 4 courts to share our tennis area. Singapore was the 1st in Asia to introduce USA’s most popular racket sport and a recent growth in popularity and inclusion into school extra curriculum options created strong synergies with our strengths and direction. 

Site Events

MBPsports area is located in a unique and arguably the best location in the world to host regular racket sports and fitness related activities. We accommodate corporate events and offer unmatched branding opportunities for launches and profiling of  Sports related products.

We have hosted many brand activations, social media, television sports shoots and even for Movies !