About Us

 We are a limited liability company foundered in Singapore by an Australian with a unique extensive background in  Business and Sports.

Our core business is sports facility management and sports education – specifically for racquet sports.


MBPSports is the trading name for “Mind Body And Passion Pte Ltd in Singapore and MBPSPORTS Management Pty Ltd in Australia. Our Companies were incorporated in Singapore in 2002, then linked back to our roots in Australia via the Australian entity in 2009.

Our approach to teaching sports is market-leading. We are guided by International Standards and proven “SMART” principles within our education model. Our staff understand and apply “best of breed practices” that allow clients to reach their full potential. We recognise that sports plays a crucial role in the emotional development of individuals and is a positive platform for building lasting relationships. We are passionate about producing positive, memorable experiences and make quality sports available to everyone.

MBP SPORTS initial aim is to share proven Australian Sports Coaching and Site Management practices with our Asian neighbors and develop a positive Brand recognition by consistently exceeding client expectations. We are continually evolving and blending strengths learnt from the East with proven practices linked to International Best Practice. Our choice to initiate a base in Singapore was due to the seemless global interacting of east and west and because our founders’ younger sister “Gaye Gauci – Marchant chose Singapore to relocate to share her horse racing expertise.

When visiting his sister in Singapore, our founder was impressed with the positive and dynamic interactive base it presented as an interaction of East and West.Having an INTP personality he quickly identified that a competent blending of an east-west approach to sport education could benefit all.

The medium-long term plan is to expand our site management and sports education practices from its key centrally located position and maximum our exposure to both Asian and Western interactions by implementing an exploding model approach regionally, then globally using public-private partnerships as a key vehicle.

By continually customising and refining our “best of breed” methodology into communities, our total sports education solution can play a vital role in complimenting traditional academic learning “IQ” with the powerful emotional learning “EQ” offers through sports.

Our mission is to redefine the many existing coach education systems globally and consolidate a best-of-breed solution that extends the education and certification of sports coaches to include schools, teachers, parents, Corporates and the community in general.

Although our core business is tennis / racket sports education and racket sports site management all of our Standards and Operating Procedures can be directly applied to any sport.

We provide complete tennis development that results in clients understanding and owning the necessary tools that maximize potential.

MBPSCM is specifically beneficial for those serious about gaining a sound grasp of tennis fundamentals and a desire to continually keep improving away from the direct influence of a coach.

Our coaching includes accurate measurements of current levels, structured programs for improvement and clear guidance with tracking to ensure progression is measured at all levels.

MBPSports delivers that “WOW” factor.  Our methods are designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge to improve continually.

We believe a good coach & system teaches you how to improve, BUT a great coach & system teaches you how to improve yourself.

Meet Our Founder and CEO

Mr. Chris Mullins

Chris has over 40 years of experience in the sports industry in Australia and SE Asia and is skilled in Marketing Strategies, Teacher /Coach Education, Executive Coaching and Strategic Business Planning.

He has blended his unique background in several elite sports and previously held senior management roles within private and government business models to develop Mind Body and Passion Pte Ltd as a market leader in managing sports venues and supplying sports education.

Chris is an elite sports coach and highly regarded teacher with an unparalleled business vision for the sports sector. He is generous in sharing knowledge and creating opportunities for others, and he often mentors in Sports Management and Sports Education.

The two most significant values underpinning Chris’s character are honesty and perseverance. Pivotal experiences he gained from his family and country-based upbringing, which comprised one grandparent, a self-taught lawyer, and the other, a recognized sports champion in two sports, shaped his abilities as an impacting storyteller.

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice for sports education and site management.

Our Core Philosophies

  • Apply best of breed sports education to teachers/coaches and student/players.
  • Improve lifestyles, fitness and interactions through sports.
  • Provide necessary tools and training to plan, implement and measure the key areas to improve sports experiences.
  • Provide positive, relaxed, safe and interactive sports environments for people to interact and maintain healthy lives.
  • Provide complete racket sports development and equip clients with the appropriate mentoring to realise full potential.
  • Apply our Patent pending sports education model “KFTE” to empower both teachers and students to continually improve.
  • Use best of breed facility management systems at sites.

Our commitment to your  improvement is summarised in 4 parts :

  1. Identify the strengths and areas that can be improved for our clients
  2. Customise and commence training routines & positive habits linked to the specific needs of each client
  3. Apply our proven KFTE methodology interventions and practices to ensure practice results in improvement 
  4. Offer positive and challenging client interactions in a safe and positive sports environment to play and enjoy sports.

MBPsports   Teacher-Coaches, 

Methodology &



Our coaches all have international qualifications and relevant experience. 

MBPSPORTS Coaching Methodology

MBPSPORTS coach methodology “MBPSCM” has 360-degree approach to sports education. Its key components of: Knowledge – Fitness – Technique – Experience are all measurable and create clearly defined pathways to excellence.

MBPSPORTS Quality SITE Programs

MBPsports customise and continually progress our sessions. We remain market leaders by constantly offering relevent interactive site options.

Proven Track Record

MBPSPORTS has a proven track record and has coached thousands of players, of different age, sex and race. We are proud of our many very positive Testimonials received over 40 years.

Commitment to excellence

Our team are passionate professionals committed to excellence.

It’s this commitment and passion that our clients love and respect.

market leading sports education


MBPSports coaches are very experienced and have a reputation for ensuring participants receive world-class guidance in all aspects of learning and improving their sports experience.

All teaching/coaching sessions are component based and progressive. We deliver structured sessions that comprise introductory to practice/refine and result in playing the game.  Our education is guided by MBPSCM and our patent pending KFTE model.

MBPsports sessions assist clients to learn/revisit important fundamentals. We also assist experienced players to improve tactics and strategies. Sessions vary in length which depend on the agreed outcomes targeted. The usual feedback from clients is: “expectations were exceeded”.

Give us a call on +65 9644 7739 or email to chris@mbpsports.com for more information.


We are proud to share Feedback from our clients

Amazed by the quick results.
One-time brain training is better than 20 practice sessions – backhand training.
The reason I came here. I had practiced four times per week but couldn’t improve my backhand. Just 15 minutes with MBPSports coaches fixed it!

Sushi from Japan, working in Singapore.

Top Level Coaching says a Swedish visitor.
A combination of high-capacity coaching and individual coaching.
The different styles between the coaches in a professional way.
I have seen different coaching worldwide and MBPsports offers top-level coaching in my opinion.

Mr Chris Schmid (Pilot, Cargo lines)

Another Delighted Hotel Guest

I finally learned how to hit a tennis ball.
I wish I had found out this was here sooner!

Hiroki Takeuchi from Japan (a guest of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore)

Dr. of Sports Medicine was very impressed with the coaching, knowledge, and style of Mr Chris Mullins
I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the incredible tennis and coaching session I had with you last month.
I have been a certified member of the Canadian Coaching Association for the past 25 years and had experience with the Olympic Games since the 1976 Montreal Olympics, having served many National and Olympic Teams for Canada and in Japan as a Sports Physiotherapist and Podiatric Specialist, so I am no newcomer to elite sports and coaching.
I have to say that your positive attitude, Motivational/Psychological and communication skills are amongst the best I have ever been fortunate enough to learn from and experience first-hand.
Your ability to effectively communicate and orchestrate active sport and motor learning fundamentals and skills are to the Coaching Professions credit.
My sincere thanks for paving the road for me to play more skillful and enjoyable tennis due to your incredible coaching skill.

Brian J. Tracey
CEO/Director Footworkz
B.S.K., B.Sc.A.T
Podiatric Sports Medicine